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    "Pilates has offered me a more holistic approach to cross training in my sport. Yasmen has made me realize how important core strength is and not just in a superficial way. Yasmen has eyes on the back of her head and never misses a beat! Her gentle pressure to make me do it absolutely right and to the best of my ability, rather than faster and bigger and all wrong, has paid off with big dividends for me. It has allowed me to go all out when I play."

    "Every athlete is different and every sport is different. Yasmen goes out of her way to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to help you achieve some of your goals by putting together a personalized workout schedule which addresses your issues"

    "Because of Yasmen's expertise with the Pilates technique and her complete understanding of my particularly painful lower back injury, I am back to playing volleyball pain free... and playing better than ever! Not since my teen years has my back been so pain free. I only wish I had known about Yasmen and her approach to exercise and healing many years ago."

    "I have enjoyed working with Yasmen as my Pilates trainer for over 2 years. I first began working with her after I had completed a triathlon. With all the training I had been doing, I had developed back problems. For many years I had relied on a chiropractor; after that triathlon I decided it was time to try something more proactive. Pilates was most definitely my answer. With Yasmen's knowledge of dance and the intense cardiovascular training from her skating, she has provided me with exactly what I need. Her attention to my specific issues is detailed and her knowledge of Pilates is thorough. I have become fascinated with Pilates, and with Yasmen's encouragement, I've decided to become a trainer myself!"

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    "Yasmen is a wonderful teacher with her understanding of body mechanics and the dynamics of movement. Her attention to detail makes the practice of Pilates safe as well as enjoyable."

    "Pilates has definitely increased my awareness of correct body movement as well as increased my strength."

    "My appreciation for Pilates and Yasmen's teaching style has increased and stretched just as I have. I look forward to the weekly class as a time to relax and focus on my body."

    "Pilates helped me hike the Inca trail in Peru! It really got me in shape. I feel better about myself and life and feel stronger and healthier."


    "This is an amazing technique. I enjoy it tremendously. It keeps me well oiled in the joints, and Yasmen's patience with me has been wonderful. Yasmen makes you think, focus and visualize so that you can understand how to work through an exercise correctly."

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