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    Yoga was practiced and refined as a science by Indian sages long before the Christian calendar was instituted. The first series of books to systematize Yoga's oral tradition was written by Patanjali in 200 BCE.

    NAYA STUDIOThere are four main categories of Yoga. I teach Hatha Yoga which is a variant and combination of these. Its primary elements are posture (asana) and breath (pranayama).

    Apart from deriving strength, flexibility and a prevailing sense of control and calmness to the mind and body, Hatha Yoga massages and rejuvenates internal organs, which are vital to our well being.

    NAYA STUDIOHatha Yoga is practiced today in the West in its pure form and incorporated into daily stretch and warm up classes. Many Westerners are apprehensive about practicing Hatha Yoga, thinking that one has to be knowledgeable or interested in Indian philosophy or religion. This is a complete misunderstanding of the practice. It does not advocate or depend upon an understanding of any philosophy or religion, and anyone can practice Hatha Yoga successfully.

    As a Hatha Yoga teacher all I ask of my clients is to come with an open mind. Hatha Yoga is a non-competitive art-science. All asanas have steps and progressions and I assist each individual to find their appropriate level of the discipline, one that requires neither force or resistance, as the beginning point of entrance into the study.

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